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Our nurses

Lotta Taipalus

Registered nurse, owner of
Klinik Linnea

Nimetön malli-4_edited.jpg

I am nurse Lotta Taipalus, owner of Klinik Linnea and I am focused on aesthetic treatments. My areas of expertise include filler treatments and medical skincare with different treatment methods.

Important things for me in my work are quality,

safety and professionalism. 


Aesthetic treatments are developing at a fast pace,

so continuous training is important to me. I train myself regularly both internationally and in Finland.

I use researched and safe treatment methods to solve various problems. In my treatments, I am precise and demanding, and I adopt the latest and several styles, so that we can achieve natural, glowing and stylish results. 


In both skin care and filler treatments, an individual treatment plan is made - exactly based on your wishes and needs. Whether the problem is small or big, let's solve it together. Welcome to treatments!

Areas of expertise:

- Comprehensive treatment of aging changes through injection treatments

- Managing challenging skin problems with a combination of medical skincare and clinic treatments

- Aesthetic botulinum toxin treatments

- Dermal filler treatments (all indication areas)

- Device treatments



- Achieving natural results with injection treatments

- Botulinum toxin treatments

- Full-face dermal filler treatments

- Treatment of aging skin

- Acne treatment

- Aesthetic beauty care without surgery

Fun fact: Before starting the clinic, I was wondering whether to study to become a coder or to start Klinik Linnea. Luckily we are on this path! 

Vilma Eskelinen


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IMG_8394 3.jpg

Registered nurse, partner in Klinik Linnea Ullanlinna

I am Vilma Eskelinen, working as an aesthetic nurse and partner at Klinik Linnea Ullanlinna.


Aesthetic treatments have long been a major interest of mine. I am fascinated by the diversity of the field, especially the effectiveness of the treatments. My previous nursing experience comes from several years in specialized healthcare.


Key values for me when performing treatments include customer satisfaction, as well as the quality and safety of the treatments. I continuously enhance my professional skills through regular training and staying updated on industry developments.


I am happy to discuss treatment options further, whether aesthetic treatments are still unfamiliar or already familiar to you.


See you at the clinic!


Areas of expertise:

- Treatment of acne and impure skin

- Aesthetic botulinum toxin treatments

- Addressing aging changes with injection treatments

- Rosacea treatment

- Pigment changes

- Device treatments



- Treatment of acne and impure skin

- Aesthetic botulinum toxin treatments

- Addressing aging changes with injection treatments

- Rosacea treatment

- Pigment changes

Fun fact:  I grew up around animals and have had several rescue pets!

Olga Ala-Kokkila


Cosmetologist, Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics


Hello! I am Olga Ala-Kokkila, and I am trained as a cosmetologist and esthetician. I have over 15 years of experience in the field, with 7 years of being an entrepreneur. I have also gained valuable international experience in product development while working in a laboratory in Germany.


Skincare has always been my passion. Aesthetic treatments and effective homecare products help solve clients' skin problems and achieve lasting results. Continuous learning and understanding industry methods are close to my heart, especially when consulting and sharing knowledge. The feedback I've received from clients has been excellent. Key values in my work include customer orientation and satisfaction, safety, and high-quality work. I aim to build long-lasting client relationships to achieve the best results together with the client.


I provide services in Finnish, English, and Russian. See you at the clinic!


Areas of expertise:

- Versatile device treatments

- Aging skin care

- Treatment for sensitive and redness-prone skin

- Achieving and maintaining healthy skin through clinic and home care

- Acne treatment

- Treatment and prevention of pigment changes



- Preventing and treating signs of aging

- Microneedling

- Effective device treatments for skin tightening

- Treating problematic skin

- Achieving healthy and radiant skin

Fun fact:  I love travelling and have been to 45 different countries!

Darya Karilahti


Registered nurse, beautician


Anna Hiltunen


Laura Pakkanen



I am Laura Pakkanen, a nurse specialized in aesthetic procedures and an entrepreneur. I graduated as a nurse in 2010 and worked for 7 years in the intensive care unit, rehabilitation unit, and surgery department in Jyväskylä and Oulu. I have been working in the field of medical aesthetics for 6 years, mainly in Helsinki, Porvoo, and Turku.


I consider continuous education and self-development as essential aspects of my work. Safety and high quality within the entire industry are also crucial to me.


I am happy to assist you in Swedish as well!


In my free time, I am actively involved in the hobbies of our two sons and take care of tasks around our house. I would like to engage in more sports, but when I have some free time, I may also draw and paint.


Areas of expertise:

I have extensive experience with various device treatments, such as lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound, and microneedling. I have six years of experience with laser treatments. I also have a precise aesthetic eye for facial contouring with dermal fillers. In my opinion, beauty requires comprehensive skincare both at home and in the clinic, along with a nourishing diet, exercise, and mental balance. I always view my clients holistically. You can communicate with me in Finnish, Swedish, and English.



- Dermal filler treatments, such as mid-face, jawline, and lips

- Aesthetic botulinum toxin treatments

- Anatomy and safety, as well as the management of complications

- Tattoo removal with lasers

- Skin tightening treatments for body and facial areas with devices

- Achieving an individual, stunning result tailored to the client's preferences

Fun fact: I'm a touring saxophonist. Piano and transverse flute are also possible!

Hey! My name is Darya Karilahti and I am a CIDESCO cosmetologist and nurse by education. I have worked in beauty care as an entrepreneur for over 6 years. During the last few years, I started specializing in aesthetic beauty care and I maintain my skills with continuous training, because our field is developing rapidly.


I have been interested in beauty care since I was young, and as my career progressed, I became particularly interested in skin care. My great passion in my work is visible and permanent changes in the well-being of the skin, which are achieved in cooperation with the client. Modifying facial features using filler treatments to emphasize the client's natural beauty is also one of my favorite treatments.


Customer orientation, safety and professionalism are always the cornerstones of my work. In my treatments, I devote a lot of time to consultation with my client, so that the final results always look natural and like the client.


Jag betjänar Er gärna också på svenska! Я веду прийом українською мовою! Я веду приём на русском языке! 


Welcome to treatments!

Areas of expertise:

-Effective skin care

-Treatments and prevention of aging changes

- Treatments and prevention of pigment changes

-Filler treatments (lips, mid-face)

-Treatment of the eye area

-Service in 5 languages


- Botulinum treatments

- Device treatments

- Men's skin care

- Scar treatments 

Fun fact: I'm also known as Ms. Cafecito in the Klinik Linnea team, because I love coffee and also making it! 

Nimetön malli-4_edited.jpg
IMG_3022 3.JPG

I am nurse Anna Hiltunen and I work at Klinik Linnea as an aesthetic nurse.


In aesthetic beauty care, in addition to effectiveness and the versatility of treatments, I am interested in the continuous development of the field and the latest trends. Continuous training enables my customers to have up-to-date services. 


Important values in my work for me are customer orientation, patient safety and workn quality. In my work I want to emphasize naturalness and balance. 


Before training in aesthetic treatments, I worked for several years in a specialized hospital as an anesthesiologist. I am a flight attendant by my other profession.


At my reception, an individual treatment plan is made to meet the client's wishes and needs, welcome to the treatments!

Areas of expertise:

-Effective skin care

- Treatment of impure skin and maintenance of treatment results 

-Treatment and maintenance of aging changes

-Treatment and maintenance of damage and pigment changes caused by the sun

- Device treatments


-Treatment of severe skin problems, with a combination of home and clinic treatments

-Natural changes with injection treatments

-Prevention and treatment of aging changes

-Skin care of young skin

-Treatment of aged skin

- Natural results in aesthetic treatments that emphasize the best aspects of the client

Fun fact:  I have been to 92 different countries and when I was younger I dreamed of travelling to every country in the world.

Klinik Linnea's

patient representative:

Essi Ilona Luhta

tel. 040 131 7257

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