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Lip filler treatments

Do you need fullness, shape or emphasis on your lips? Do you have a natural asymmetry in your lips? Do you have downward-turning lips, do you have small wrinkles on your lips or are you bothered by a gummy smile?

It is natural for lips to change with age. With age, the fullness of the lips decreases, they become drier, and small wrinkles can form around the mouth over the years.

With lip filler treatment, we can increase fullness, symmetry, moisture and shape exactly where it is desired.  

Klinik Linnea emphasizes the individuality of your face in lip filler treatments, and the starting point of our filler treatments are always the shapes, lines and features of your own face. In our treatments, we always consider the proportions, symmetry and balance of your face. We use the high-quality FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved, researched and safe & leading filler series Juvéderm and Restylane in the aesthetic field.

What is the treatment?

With lip filler treatment, we can correct natural lip asymmetry, create beautiful fullness, emphasize and finish our own lip model. With the lip filler treatment, we can also affect sagging lips by lifting them. If there are small vertical wrinkles above the lips related to aging changes, we can also fade them. At Klinik Linnea, we know the latest and various injection techniques for lip filler treatment, we plan the treatment result based on your wishes and goals. With lip filler treatment, we can increase fullness, symmetry, moisture and shape exactly where it is desired.

What results on the lips

can be achieved with filler treatment? 

At Klinik Linnea, we invest in individual, stylish, natural and safe results. The goal is to implement individual filler treatments to achieve the desired end result. In the consultation, we will also go through what kind of results can be achieved with the help of filler treatments.

What is included in the treatment?

In connection with the lip filler treatment, you will have a lip filler treatment consultation. If you wish, you can also come to a separate lip filler treatment  consultation 30 min/€50 before the lip filler treatment (the final amount will be deducted from the price of the treatment when you come for the treatment 6 months after the consultation). In the consultation performed in connection with filler treatment, the treating nurse will review your wishes and goals regarding the end result, and together we will plan a treatment result that is just right for you.In the consultation, we will go over the filler sets in use at Klinik Linnea and their differences.

You can make the final filler selection during the treatment.


You get to ask the treating nurse any thoughts and questions you may have. Before the filler treatment, you can fill out the preliminary information form for injection treatments. In the consultation, we will also go through the course of the treatment with you. The treatment starts with cleaning the skin. Pictures are taken of the treated area to evaluate the treatment result. If you wish, we can apply lidocaine numbing cream to the area to be treated, after which we proceed to lip filler treatment. After the filler treatment, we will carefully review the aftercare instructions with you.


Who is the treatment intended for?

Lip filler treatments are suitable for adult men as well as women who want to strengthen, emphasize or shape their individual beauty or handsomeness. Aging cannot be stopped, but with the help of filler treatments we can influence it

growing old in your own body, enjoying yourself and taking care of yourself.

Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

Filler treatments are not performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women. There is an age limit of 18 for filler treatments at Klinik Linnea. Obstacles to filler treatment are also: active herpes, inflammatory condition in the treatment area, scar hyperplasia, porphyria, permanent filler in the treatment area, implant in the treatment area, skin diseases, open wound/skin damage in the treatment area, skin cancer, warts, bacterial/fungal infections. The treatment is also not performed if your skin is frostbitten/burnt. The underlying diseases and possible medications must be balanced. Medication that affects blood clotting should be mentioned to the treating nurse or doctor. Klinik Linnea does not recommend visiting a dentist for 2 weeks before and after filler treatment, an infection in the mouth is an obstacle to filler treatment. If you have any questions about the suitability of the treatment for you, you can contact the Klinik Linnea staff directly.

Healing time

Filler treatments use a cannula or a thin needle, thanks to which the recovery time is short. Most of Klinik Linnea's clients immediately return to work and lead a normal life after the treatment. Some customers may experience normal side effects such as swelling, soreness or bruising in the injection area. The above-mentioned reactions usually disappear in a couple of days and we always recommend to be prepared for them when thinking about the time for treatment.

Maintenance of results:

The result of the treatment remains for 6-24 months, depending on the area. The time depends on the product used, the treated area and how quickly your body breaks down the filler. The attending nurse or doctor will advise you on how to maintain your result. Klinik Linnea recommends the Zo Skin Health skin care program designed just for you for home treatment  and regardless of the season, at least SPF30 sunscreen.



Klinik Linnea filler sets Restylane & Juvéderm

For us at Klinik Linnea, quality and safety are paramount,

therefore, we only use filler kits approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.


Restylane is a vegan and hyaluronic acid filler developed and manufactured in Sweden. Restylane treatments are individual, so the products are selected to suit the customer's needs and wishes. With Restylane fillers, we can emphasize areas of the face and lip shapes, restore facial posture and fade wrinkles and lines!


Juvéderm is a vegan brand of hyaluronic acid fillers from France, which is particularly valued for its high quality. Juvéderm treatments achieve natural and long-lasting results. With Juvéderm's fillers, we can, for example, smooth facial skin lines and shape the jaw line or lift facial features!

White Cream

Feedback from our customers about the treatment

Thank you again! Really wonderful lips came out and the application felt pleasant,

your professionalism shines from you. A professional at his job, thank you<3

With Lota, you always get the feeling that you are in the hands of a listening professional. Things are thoroughly reviewed and the treatment experience is individual. The end result has been really good both times. All possible questions before and after the treatment can be answered by an expert. Strong recommendation! :)

Thanks again for the lips! I had a really good feeling about yesterday, your professionalism and how you took the customer into account! You did it in peace and it was nice to be able to watch how it looks all the time. You also explained well about the procedure itself and the products. I have a couple of bruises now, but otherwise it looks really good and the red will cover up. I will definitely recommend to friends, thank you!

The lips turned out exactly as I hoped and a little better! The healing went really well, no bruises were visible at all. There was swelling but it went down well over the days. Thank you again for the very good service! Most satisfied customer 10/10.

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