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Injection treatments consultation

Have you considered filler treatment to emphasize, clarify or shape your features? Do you want to influence aging changes? Do you want your skin to be soft, full of youth or do you want to improve the quality of your skin? In Klinik Linnea's injection treatment consultation, we map out your overall situation precisely based on your wishes and goals and create an individual treatment plan for you. Do you want to invest in quality, safety and professionalism in treatments? Welcome to Klinik Linnea for injection treatment consultation, where you will be served by healthcare professionals & experienced injection treatment experts.

What is included in the injection treatment consultation?

In a comprehensive consultation, Klinik Linnea's injection treatment experts review: your wishes, goals, background thoughts regarding the treated area, your previous skin care routines and your skin's history. The treatment areas are analyzed and an individual written treatment plan is made for you based on your wishes and needs. In the consultation, you have the opportunity to ask questions, confirm the suitability of the treatment and hear about different treatment options. If you have previously had injection treatments elsewhere, please find out the treatments performed on you, the substances used and the treatment areas and take the information with you before you come to Klinik Linnea for the injection treatments consultation.

Who is the injection treatment consultation

intended for?

Injection treatments consultation is intended for everyone who comes to Klinik Linnea for facial injection treatments for the first time. In lip filler treatment, a separate consultation before the treatment time is not necessary, it is done in connection with every lip filler treatment.

At Klinik Linnea, an individual treatment plan based on your goals

will be made for you.

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