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pHformula - chemical skin resurfacing treatment

Do you have signs of aging, sensitivity, chronic redness, acne or hyperpigmented skin or do you want to improve your skin tone? Do you feel that you need solutions for the above-mentioned possible disorders of the skin? The success of pHformula is based on excellent treatment results in the improvement of skin disorders with a safe method that promotes skin functions. The coating process creates a fresh functional surface layer on the skin. Klinik Linnea recommends a skin care consultation before pHformula coating treatments.

What is the treatment?

Dermatological skin coating method pHformula focuses on treating skin disorders such as premature aging, sensitive skin, rosacea, acne and hyperpigmented skin. pHformula has designed its own treatment protocol for different disorders of the skin. At Klinik Linnea, skin resurfacing treatments are performed according to the recommendation of your skin specialist.

  • AGE solution treatment protocol for aged skin and skin changes caused by it, e.g. cloudy or yellowish skin, fading lines, photoaging (sun damage), pigment changes, age spots, telangiectasia, keratosis or unhealthy stratum corneum condition. 

  • MELA powerclay treatment protocol for hyperpigmentation and skin changes caused by it, e.g. melasma, chloasma, UV-induced hyperpigmentation, superficial melanin disorders (epidermal), post-inflammation hyperpigmentation, summer spots caused by the sun, freckles.  

  • ACNE solution treatment protocol for acne skin treatment. The coating has anti-inflammatory properties and a strong cleansing effect that promotes balancing problem skin. Klinik Linnea recommends the ACNE solution treatment protocol in the clinic for level 1-3 acne. Klinik Linnea and phformula recommends level 4 acne treatment under the supervision of a doctor. 

  • CR 1 complex treatment protocol for skin prone to chronic redness and rosacea.  Selected anti-microbial active substances prevent and soothe inflammation and prevent recurrence of the problem. 

  • The MD TCA Touch™ treatment protocol is an intensive skin stimulation treatment for aged, pigmented or scarred skin performed by a healthcare professional. The skin stimulation treatment comprehensively renews the skin cells, bringing an immediate lifting effect and improving the smoothness and brightness of the skin.The combination of pure trichloroacetic acid 30%, arbutin and magnesium together with pHformula's patented carrier compound offers maximum results, without prolonged braiding or recovery time.  

The core of PHformula's treatment system is based on the technology of reconstructive medicine and the development of the concept of controlled chemical skin coatings, whose function differs from traditional chemical peels.

Chemical peels often cause severe peeling of the skin, while controlled coating actively accelerates the renewal of skin cells in different layers of the skin, without skin trauma or superficial irritation. 

What kind of results can be achieved with the treatment?

The results obtained with the treatments depend on the regular use of the products and the number of coating treatments performed. Results will vary depending on your skin problem and you may need several treatments to achieve optimal results. The coating process creates a fresh functional surface layer on the skin. Following the instructions of your Klinik Linnean skin specialist, you will get visible results

and protect your skin proactively preventing future skin problems.

What is included in the treatment?

The treatment includes a consultation, skin cleansing, priming, confirmation of the skin's sensitivity level, coating, soothing & moisturizing and skin protection. After the treatment, aftercare instructions will be reviewed and you will be able to complete the entire treatment with a relaxing and restorative moment at Klinik Linnea. We recommend a separate skin care consultation before the pHformula treatment period, where a skin care plan will be made for you and instructions will be given you for the next treatment period.

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Who is the treatment intended for?

pHformula's dermatological skin resurfacing treatments have been developed to be easy but detailed, always taking into account the customer's main concerns. pHformula's skin resurfacing treatments are suitable for you if you want to treat signs of aging, skin tone, impurities, acne, sensitivity or redness.  

Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

The treatment is not performed on pregnant or lactating women. The treatment is not performed if you have active cold sores, Retinol-A/Accutane/Roaccutane or a similar drug course. The treatment is not performed if your skin is burnt/frostbitten at the time of the treatment. If you have questions on the page about the suitability of the treatment for you, you can contact Klinik Linnea staff directly.

Healing time

There is no actual recovery time in the treatment. It is normal, however, that the skin may feel a little tight after each treatment. You may not see the actual peeling of the skin. Light and/or frequent scaling is possible.

Redness after the treatment is normal and can last 1-12 hours depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

Maintenance of results

For optimal results, Klinik Linnea recommends resurfacing KIT for home care during the treatment period, which restore recovery from the treatment and support the achievement of treatment results. We have our own resurfacing KITs for different skin disorders. 
The Resurfacing KIT contains: EXFO cleanse - a soothing facial cleansing product, an active recipe according to your skin type (AGE recovery or MELA recovery, AC recovery or CR recovery) and POST recovery cream - a restorative power cream for the skin to maintain moisture balance.

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