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Kerttu Rissanen


Who are you? 

I am Kerttu Rissanen. Wellness entrepreneur, fitness coach and social media influencer.

What are your beauty routines like?

I regularly treat my skin both at home and in the clinic and I want to make sure that I know which products are suitable for my skin type and that I know how to use them correctly.


What are your favorite services in Klinik Linnea's range of services?

The pHformula skin chemical resurfacing treatments are the best! The end result is glowing skin! I have also had good results with microneedling. As a pampering treatment, ZO's lighter facials are wonderful.


What appearance-related comment would you like to give to your 15-year-old self?

Trust the professionals! And naturalness first!


What is your own beauty care motto?

Less is more - when the base is in order, light foundation and lip gloss are enough for daily enhancement.


What do you think is most important in skin care?

The most important thing is to find the right products for you, and with a professional, see what you want to achieve with your skincare. In other words, know your skin! That way you know how to treat your skin at home. It's also important to find a routine that suits you, skincare is fun! The VISIA skin analysis was an interesting experience for this!

How has your approach to skin care changed with age?

When I was younger I didn't really know anything about skincare, but now I'm really hooked! I find it interesting how much I've learned at Klinik Linnea, both about anatomy and how skin works in treatments. It's been nice to see how my skin feels and looks glowing after a good treatment. I love being without make-up most of the time now and letting my skin breathe.


What are your three favorite beauty products?

Sunscreen is a must, I always try to use it. I also love toners and serums, they leave my skin feeling fresh.

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