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Pia Dahlman

Who are you? 

Former soccer player, current advertising professional. Passionate padel and rosé wine enthusiast. A mother of a teenage daughter who wants to take care of herself and her loved ones.


What are your beauty routines like?

I take care of my skin with good products and have regular facials. In recent years, I have been using the ZO Skin Health series, from which the products that best suit my skin have been selected for me at Klinik Linnea. Of course, I've sometimes made short jumps to other skin care series, but I've always come back between my legs...


What are your favorite services in Klinik Linnea's range of services?

Acid peeling combined with microneedling, as well as Profhilo. The first one brightens, exfoliates and evens out skin tone, and brings wonderful moisture. The second is an effective skin firming treatment for slightly more mature skin.


Which appearance-related comment would you like to give your 15-year-old self? 

My mother taught me at a young age the importance of cleaning and taking care of your face, but maybe not to compare yourself to others. And don't forget to use sunscreen (after all, it's quite a lot of hard work to get the foil experiments of your teenage years in the Canary Islands faded from your face).


What is your own beauty care motto? 

This is perhaps more of a motto related to holistic well-being. The most important thing is balance. I eat healthy, although sometimes I indulge. I do a lot of sports, but sometimes I lie on the couch all day. I take care of my skin carefully, but sometimes I linger to enjoy the sun a little too long (after which I call Lotta at Klinik Linnea and get help, as long as I humbly listen to the reprimands first).


Pia's favorites

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