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Medical botulinum treatments

In addition to aesthetic botulinum treatments, at Klinik Linnea, our doctors also perform medical botulinum treatments, such as for the treatment of migraines, overbite (bruxism) and excessive sweating.


Before medical botulinum treatment, book a free appointment with our doctor through our appointment, where he will give you a consultation and assess whether you meet the criteria for medical botulinum treatment. 


Please note that the treatment is done for you with your own prescription product (the customer buys approx. €150), for which our doctor will write you a prescription after the call time. Your prescription medication must be with you when you arrive for treatment. 

A doctor's appointment fee of €330 is charged for the treatment at Klinik Linnea.


What is the treatment?

During the treatment, botulinum is injected into the muscle under the skin, causing the muscle to be partially or completely relaxed. Botulinum works by blocking nerve impulses in the muscles where it has been injected. This temporarily prevents muscle contractions in the area, i.e. relaxes the muscle and calms the muscle's activity.

What kind of results can be achieved with the treatment?

Botulinum treatment gets a full response after approx. 2 weeks after the injection treatment. As a result of the treatment, the wrinkles, lines and folds of the upper face are smoothed out and a youthful, smoothed and refreshed look is achieved. With botulinum treatment, we can also widen the eyes and raise the eyebrows.

What is included in the treatment?

The procedure is quick and takes about 30 minutes. Before the botulinum treatment, you will have a consultation where your needs will be reviewed, based on which the treatment will be implemented. In connection with the botulinum treatment, the treatment plan and possible thoughts and questions about the future procedure are reviewed. You get to fill out the preliminary information form for botulinum treatments and we go through the course of the treatment. The treatment starts with cleaning the skin, after which we proceed to the botulinum treatment. After the treatment, we go through the aftercare instructions and you can complete the entire treatment with a relaxing and restorative moment at Klinik Linnea. If you wish, we offer a free control visit after 2 weeks of treatment.

Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

Botulinum treatments are not performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women. The age limit for injection treatments at Klinik Linnea is 18 years. Obstacles to botulinum treatment also include: active herpes, inflammation in the treatment area, skin diseases, open wound/skin damage in the treatment area, skin cancer, warts, bacterial/fungal infections. The treatment is also not performed if your skin is frostbitten/burnt. The underlying diseases and possible medications must be balanced. If you are allergic to botulinum toxin A or albumin. Medication that affects blood clotting should be mentioned to the treating nurse or doctor. If you have any questions about the suitability of the treatment for you, you can contact the Klinik Linnea staff directly.

Healing time

Most of Klinik Linnea's clients immediately return to work and lead a normal life after the treatment. Some customers may experience normal side effects such as redness, soreness or bruising in the injection area. The above-mentioned reactions usually disappear in a couple of days, and we recommend always being prepared for them when thinking about the time for botulinum treatment.

The result is visible 3-10 days after the procedure, or after two weeks at the latest.

Maintenance of results

The duration of the result is 4-6 months. Klinik Linnea recommends maintaining treatment results approx. 2-3 times a year. Repeated dosing that is too frequent can increase the formation of antibodies. To avoid this risk, the interval between two treatments must not be less than three months.


At Klinik Linnea, aesthetic botulinum treatments are performed by nurses and doctors.

Medical botulinum treatments (overbiting, underarm sweating, migraine treatment)

offered at Klinik Linnea only by doctors.


We have received the registration of health services for Klinik Linnea from the Regional Administration Office and Valvira

as a productive unit and a license for botulinum treatments.


Welcome to botulinum treatments for healthcare professionals at Klinik Linnea!

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