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Men' 3 in one

Does your overall look and skin need a boost and a little maintenance, but you don't know what to do?

We at Klinik Linnea know: Easy and effective ZO® Skin Health home treatment & 2 effective facial treatments. Small changes in everyday skin care at home have a big impact on how the quality and condition of the skin looks now and in the future. Sometimes it is also good to pay special attention to the skin with effective clinic treatments. We have created a comprehensive and functional concept for you, which combines the effectiveness of good home care and clinic treatments.


Men`s 3 in one includes:

High-quality and effective ZO® Skin Health home care program according to your skin type + ZO® home care KIT recommended by a skin expert (Daily Skincare Program, Skin Brightening Program, Complexion Clearing Kit or Skin Normalizing System). 

A series of two treatments, pHformula chemical coating treatment according to your skin type (ACNE, MELA, AGE, CR, VITA-C)

Price: €500

At the first treatment, you will be given a treatment plan, advised on ZO® skin care at home and will have your first pHformula facial treatment. You can book your appointment through our online appointment system "Men's 3 in one".

See you at the clinic!

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