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Aqua Gold Fine Touch

Do you want to give your skin the best possible treatment? The Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatment is an exclusive micro-needling type treatment, where a cocktail is prepared for your skin, which is individually tailored to suit your skin's needs.

Do you want your skin to be bright, glowing, or does it need moisture and balance? Do you have pigmentation, scars or visible pores on your skin? The Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatment opens up many possibilities for the treatment of various skin problems.

In the middle of your busy everyday life, you pay attention to your skin's well-being with this luxurious

Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatment.


What is the treatment?

The Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatment is a microneedling type treatment. In microneedling, only a hole is made in the skin, but in the Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatment, a unique channel in the needle creates a microchannel in the skin and takes the substances directly under the skin. The microchannel device used in the treatment is the world's only FDA-approved and CE-marked medical device, i.e. intended only for use by healthcare professionals. The needles of the Aqua Gold Fine Touch microchannel device are gold-plated with 24k gold and are 0.6mm (600 micrometers) long and 0.13mm (130 micrometers) wide, i.e. thinner than a human hair. Surgical stainless steel makes the needles sharp, and the biological compatibility of gold with human skin makes the treatment well tolerated, thus minimizing skin irritation and possible allergic reactions after the treatment.

What kind of results can be achieved with the treatment?

At the beginning of the treatment, a cocktail is prepared that is individually tailored to each skin type and taking into account the client's individual needs. The recipes used in the treatment are made from high-quality and effective ingredients; hyaluronic acid, vitamins and botulinum. In the treatment, the entire face area, neck and décolleté are comprehensively treated. The substances act directly on the dermis and help reduce skin pores, even out skin tone and soften small wrinkles. This exclusive treatment provides moisture and fades possible acne scars and signs of aging. The end result of the treatment is an immediately fresher, more energetic and more youthful overall appearance.

There are different Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatments for different needs:

-Moisturizing, soothing

-Filling, lifting

-A brightening, pigment-evening glow

-Balancing (especially suitable for acne-prone skin)

-Reduces skin pores (especially suitable for oily skin)

What is included in the treatment?

Aqua Gold Fine Touch – treatment gives visible results quickly. The treatment includes a consultation, skin cleansing, treatment procedure, aftercare cream, aftercare instructions and a relaxing and restorative Klinik Linnea moment.

For who is the treatment intended for?

The treatment is suitable for both men and women who need exclusive skin care.

Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

The treatment is not performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have questions about the suitability of the treatment for you,

you can contact Klinik Linnea staff directly.

Healing time

Recovery from the treatment is quick, so the Aqua Gold Fine Touch treatment is well suited in the middle of busy everyday life.

However, you should always be prepared for slight redness of the skin after the treatment.

Maintenance of results:

The treatment can be taken as a one-time treatment, in which case the effects of the treatment last 3-4 months.

In skin care, however, optimal treatment results are achieved with regularity.

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