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Filler removal treatment, Hylase

Depending on the product, the duration of the filler is 9-24 months. If you need to remove old fillers made elsewhere or if you want to remove the filler before the natural breakdown of hyaluronic acid, our doctors also perform filler removal treatments at Klinik Linnea.


The most typical reasons for dissolving hyaluronic acid are an unwanted lip filler result, for example asymmetry, overfilling, filler encapsulation, filler spreading above the lipstick line and an unnatural end result. Even in rare cases of infection, the filler may have to be dissolved to ensure healing.

What is the treatment?

In the filler dissolution treatment, hyaluronidase is used, which is a specially licensed medicinal product that can only be injected by a doctor. Permission to use and inject the substance is sought from Fimea. Leaching treatment at Klinik Linnea is always performed by a licensed and specially trained doctor. During the treatment, Hylase or hyaluronidase is injected into the area where the filler is to be removed. The treatment does not hurt any more than the filler treatment.

What kind of results can be achieved with the treatment? 


With the help of Hylase lime treatment, the filler is removed from the desired area. The result can be seen after about 2-4 weeks, after which a new filler treatment is possible.

What is included in the treatment?

Consultation, procedure, follow-up 30 min.

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Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

Dissolution treatment is not performed on pregnant or lactating women. There is an age limit of 18 for filler treatments at Klinik Linnea. The treatment is not performed if your skin is frostbitten/burnt. The underlying diseases and possible medications must be balanced. Medicines affecting blood clotting should be mentioned to the attending physician. If you have any questions about the suitability of the treatment for you, you can contact the Klinik Linnea staff directly.

Healing time

Some customers may experience normal side effects such as redness, soreness or bruising in the injection area.

The reactions mentioned above usually disappear within a few days.  

Sufficient number of treatments:

In severe cases, dissolution treatments may have to be done several times in order to remove all the fillers from the area.

Hyaluronidase does not permanently affect the skin's own hyaluronic acid, so the treatment does not harm your own tissues. The treatment can be renewed if necessary.

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