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Filler treatments

Have you considered filler treatment to emphasize, clarify or shape your features? Have you noticed aging changes on your face and want to influence them? Do you want your skin to be soft, full of youth or do you want to improve the quality of your skin? With the help of filler treatments, you can strengthen, emphasize your individual beauty and modify certain facial features. Klinik Linnea emphasizes the individuality of your face in filler treatments, and the starting point of our filler treatments is always the shape of your face,

lines and features. In treatments, we always consider the proportions, symmetry and balance of your face.


We use the high-quality FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved, researched and safe & leading filler

series Juvéderm and Restylane in the aesthetic field.

 Before the facial filler treatment, you should make an appointment for an injection treatment consultation.

Please also read the Injection treatment consultation section on our website.

What is the treatment?

With the help of filler treatments, we can treat areas of the upper, middle and lower face by increasing volume or fading unwanted signs of aging. With filler treatment, we can also clarify and emphasize your features, such as shaping the chin and jawline, highlighting the cheekbones, raising and highlighting the eyebrows or shaping the lips.


Filler treatments can smooth any lines, restore volume lost with age, and increase elasticity and moisture. We can also restore lost posture and structure to the face, making your look fresh and vibrant.

In Klinik Linnea's injection treatment consultation, we first map out your overall situation accurately based on your wishes and goals and make an individual treatment plan for you. Whether your wish is small or big - let's make it come true together!

What kind of results can be achieved with filler treatment? 


At Klinik Linnea, we invest in individual, stylish, natural and safe results. Our goal is to implement individual filler treatments to achieve the desired end result. In the consultation, we go through what kind of results can be achieved with filler treatments.

What is included in the treatment?

Before the filler treatment, you have had a comprehensive consultation. In connection with filler treatment, the treatment plan and possible thoughts and questions about the future procedure are reviewed. You get to fill out the preliminary information form for injection treatments and we go through the course of the treatment. The treatment starts with cleansing the skin, after which we proceed to the filler treatment. After the filler treatment, we go through the aftercare instructions and you can complete the entire treatment with a relaxing and restorative moment at Klinik Linnea.


Who is the treatment intended for?

Filler treatments are suitable for adult men as well as women who want to strengthen, emphasize or shape their individual beauty or handsomeness. Aging cannot be stopped, but with the help of filler treatments, we can influence it by aging in our own body,

enjoying ourselves and taking care of ourselves.

Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

Filler treatments are not performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women. There is an age limit of 18 for filler treatments at Klinik Linnea. Obstacles to filler treatment are also: active herpes, inflammation in the treatment area, scar hyperplasia, porphyria, permanent filler in the treatment area, implant in the treatment area, skin diseases, open wound/skin damage in the treatment area, skin cancer, warts, bacterial/fungal infections.The treatment is also not performed if your skin is frostbitten/burnt. The underlying diseases and possible medications must be balanced. Medication that affects blood clotting should be mentioned to the treating nurse or doctor. Klinik Linnea does not recommend visiting a dentist for 2 weeks before and after filler treatment, an infection in the mouth is an obstacle to filler treatment. If you have any questions about the suitability of the treatment for you, you can contact the Klinik Linnea staff directly.

Healing time

Filler treatments use a cannula or a thin needle, thanks to which the recovery time is short. Most of Klinik Linnea's clients immediately return to work and to normal life after the treatment. Some customers may experience normal side effects such as swelling, soreness or bruising in the injection area. The above-mentioned reactions usually disappear in a couple of days and we always recommend to be

prepared for them when considering the time for treatment. 

Since a needle is used to administer the substance in the treatment, a little blood may flow from the injection site. The most common side effects are tenderness, bruising, redness or swelling at the injection site. These side effects usually range in severity from mild to moderate. If the aforementioned side effects last more than a week or you experience other side effects, contact the treating doctor or nurse.

In individual cases, induration and unevenness have appeared in the area. In rare cases, inflammatory reactions involving redness, swelling and induration of the treated area have been reported. In very rare cases, prolonged hardening, suppuration and grayish discoloration have occurred in the treated area. The aforementioned reactions may develop weeks or months after treatment and may last for several months.


Maintenance of results:

The result of the treatment remains for 6-24 months, depending on the area. The time depends on the product used, the treated area and how quickly your body breaks down the filler. The attending nurse or doctor will advise you on how to maintain your result. Klinik Linnea recommends the Zo Skin Health skin care program designed just for you and at least SPF30 sun protection, regardless of the season, for maintaining results at home.

Miesten täyteainehoidot

Hei mies! Haluaisitko näyttää virkeämmältä ja korostaa maskuliinisia piirteitäsi? Kokonaisvaltainen lähestymistapamme täyteainehoitoihin auttaa sinua saavuttamaan haluamasi ilmeen luonnollisella ja maskuliinisella tavalla. Lue alta, miten voimme piristää yleisilmettäsi ja tuoda esiin parhaat puolesi:


Silmänympärykset: Tasoittamalla silmien ympärillä olevia juonteita ja ryppyjä sekä hoitamalla tummia silmänalusia ja uurteita, voimme virkistää ilmettäsi ja saada sinut näyttämään levänneemmältä, virkeämmältä sekä nuorekkaammalta.


Poskien kohottaminen: Korosta kasvojesi maskuliinisia piirteitä kohottamalla poskiasi ja selkeyttämällä keskikasvojen aluetta. Tämä antaa sinulle ryhdikkään ja raamikkaan ulkonäön, jolloin maskuliiniset piirteesi korostuvat.


Leuan muotoileminen: Muotoile leuankärkesi ja leukalinjasi täyteaineiden avulla saadaksesi selkeämmän ja maskuliinisemman leuan. Tämä tuo yleisilmeeseesi lisää voimaa ja luonnetta.


Ikääntymismuutosten hoitaminen: Täyteainehoidoilla voimme tarjota miehille mini faceliftin ilman kirurgisia toimenpiteitä. Käytössämme oleva innovatiivinen pistoskartta,  jonka mukaan  hoito tehdään, kohdistaa tarkasti ikääntymisen merkkeihin ja antaa kasvoillesi nuorekkaan ja raikkaan ulkonäön.


Ihon laadun parantaminen: Viimeistele nuorekas ja raikas ilmeesi parantamalla ihosi laatua Volite Skinboosterin ja muiden klinikalla saatavilla olevien hoitojen avulla. Yhdistämällä nämä tehokkaat hoitomuodot kotihoitoon, saamme parhaat mahdolliset tulokset yleisilmeen raikastamiseen.


Botuliinihoidot ovat myös erinomainen tapa piristää yleisilmettä:


Kulmien nostaminen: Avartamalla katsettasi ja hoitamalla askevia kulmia voimme antaa sinulle nuorekkaamman ja energisemmän ilmeen, joka huokuu itsevarmuutta.


Otsaryppyjen silottaminen: Botuliinihoidoilla voimme siloittaa niin kulmien väliin ilmestyvää pystysuoraa sibeliusryppyä kuin otsan vaakajuonteitakin. Botuliini rentouttaa lihaksen toimintaa, jolloin ryppyjä ei pääse syntymään.

Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä ja varaa aika konsultaatioon, niin suunnitellaan yhdessä juuri sinulle sopiva hoitosuunnitelma!

Aftercare instructions
for filler treatments

In the video, nurse Vilma explains the most typical reactions after treatments

and how to relieve them. (In finnish)

Klinik Linnea x Allergan Aesthetics

In cooperation with Allergan Aesthetics, Klinik Linnea carried out Juvederm filler treatment for a 50-year-old female model to treat aging changes. 

In the video, you can follow how the filler treatment progresses and what the result looks like immediately after the treatment. In addition, in the video, nurse Lotta Linnea Taipalus explains what happens in the human anatomy during aging at the age of 40 and 50 and how aging changes are visible in different areas of the face. 


"It is important for us at Klinik Linnea in the implementation of treatments that everyone feels well and that everyone feels good about themselves. If someone has their own pain points in appearance or skin, natural asymmetry of the face, skin problems, feels older than their actual age, or needs guidance or tips for effective skin care, it is our job to help."


-Lotta Linnea Taipalus, nurse, Klinik Linnea


Klinik Linnea filler sets Restylane & Juvéderm

For us at Klinik Linnea, quality and safety are paramount,

therefore, we only use filler kits approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.


Restylane is a vegan hyaluronic acid filler developed and manufactured in Sweden. Restylane treatments are individual, so the products are selected to suit the customer's needs and wishes. With Restylane fillers, we can emphasize areas of the face and lip shapes, restore facial posture and fade wrinkles and lines!


Juvéderm is a vegan brand of hyaluronic acid fillers from France, which is particularly valued for its high quality. Juvéderm treatments achieve natural and long-lasting results. With Juvéderm's fillers, we can, for example, smooth facial skin lines and shape the jaw line or lift facial features!

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