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Tience® - Skin reborn through technology. Tience® is a completely new, internationally patented, Finnish innovation for skin remodelling. With the powerful and unique Tience® tissue product, we get amazing results in fading and treating scars. The treatment plumps, smoothes and perfectly firms ageing skin and acts as an effective preventative for ageing changes.

What is Tience®?

Tience® contains over 1000 different small proteins and peptides, as well as numerous antioxidants and fatty acid-derived signalling molecules that have a major impact on skin regeneration and healing of skin damage. At Klinik Linnea, we use Tience to treat scars and ageing changes. 


Tience® creates an optimal microenvironment at the site of damage for the skin's own repair processes to start. The result of the treatment is healthy, functional and beautiful skin. Tience® is a sterile, allogenic and cell-free fat tissue product. 


What are the results of the treatment?

With the effective and unique Tience® tissue product, we get amazing results in fading and treating scars. The treatment plumps, smoothes and perfectly firms ageing skin and acts as an effective preventative for ageing changes.

The effects of treatment include:

  • Increased synthesis of hyaluronic acid (HA)

The product contains fibroblasts that increase the production of hyaluronic acid and are able to increase the production of HA

in the skin. HA helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture content and decreases with ageing, leading to a reduction in HA levels.

leading to dry skin.

  • Activation of keratinocytes

Over time/age, the number of keratinocytes, or skin surface cells, in the skin decreases, and the skin

surface layer of the skin becomes lifeless and rough. The product contains keratinocyte growth and differentiation

to restore the skin's ability to regenerate and to influence the skin's elasticity and elasticity.

the skin's surface layer.

  • Contains antioxidants that protect the skin

Ageing skin needs antioxidants, such as retinol, to help it fight off external aggressors.

external stresses. The retinol in this product neutralises harmful free radicals that damage the skin.

  • Contains collagen

In addition to the factors that promote collagen formation, the product contains collagen as a component that

restores skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

  • Contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin

The product is rich in elastin and collagen synthesis peptides, which are able to

activate fibroblasts to support the synthesis of collagen and elastin and the correct formation of collagen and elastin.

shaping. This increases the elasticity of the skin, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Improves blood circulation in the skin

Adequate blood circulation is the lifeblood of all cells. With age, the subcutaneous vascular network becomes thinner and

and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to cells decreases. Tience has been shown to increase the formation of blood vessels

and thus support the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

  • Contains lipids

As the skin ages, the moisture content of the skin decreases. This is due to a decrease in lipids, or fatty substances,

which means that the skin is no longer able to absorb water in the same way. The product restores the skin's moisture content.


What is included in the treatment?

The treatment includes a consultation, skin cleansing, a treatment procedure (injected with a thin needle under the skin or microneedling), an aftercare cream, aftercare instructions and a relaxing & restorative Klinik Linnea moment.


Who is the treatment for?

Tience® is ideal for the treatment of new and old scars, as well as for treating the signs of ageing: fine lines, wrinkles and improving tissue quality. 


Are there any restrictions on the treatment?

- Age: The product has only been tested on adults and is not recommended for people under the age of 18.

- Allergy: Patients allergic to Tience, lidocaine or adrenaline or Ringer's acetate may develop allergic symptoms and use is not recommended.

- Pregnancy: The product has not been studied in pregnant subjects and the use of the product is not recommended in pregnant women.

- Cancer: The product is not recommended for persons with systemic cancer or ongoing cancer treatment.

- Other information to note: Depending on the route of administration (injections, microneedling, laser treatments), contraindications may include Herpes Simplex infection, bleeding tendency/blood thinning medications. The product has not been found to interact with other products. However, dosing in the vicinity/area of permanent implants, prosthetic joints or similar medical devices is not recommended primarily due to the risk of infection.


Healing time

There is no actual recovery period for the treatment. However, with Tience®, you should always be prepared for slight skin soreness, redness, fever and tingling on the day of treatment. Light swelling and bruising are possible. Most clients can return to normal routines immediately after treatment.


Maintenance of results

Just one Tience® treatment is enough to achieve visible changes. Klinik Linnea also emphasizes the starting point of the treatment, which determines the number of treatments needed to achieve results. Remember to take care of your skin with home care products as well. Home care further improves the results of your treatment and also maintains them. Klinik Linnea recommends the high quality ZO Skin Health and Alumier products for home skin care.

Before & After

Lotta Taipalus, a nurse and owner of Klinik Linnea, participated in the Tience® research in clinical patient care. In the picture, nurse Lotta has treated a scar on her client's upper face with a combination of microneedling and Tience®. 


"The biggest difference in the scar. Microneedling has been done before, but now for the first time I can see a clear change in the scar."

-Picture's client

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