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Visia skin analysis

Are you a new customer of our skin care? Do you want to start a successful

skin care at Klinik Linnea and see the condition of your skin deeper than the surface and

monitor the achievement of results with the world's highest quality VISIA

skin analyzer? With VISIA, you can learn more about your skin and be able toto take care of your skin even better.

What is a VISIA skin analysis and what

can we find out in the skin analysis?

Visia is the world's most reliable skin analysis device that allows you to

to see what your skin is like.

With the help of Visia, we can see your skin, e.g. number of skin pores, wrinkles & lines, damage caused by UV radiation, evenness of the skin,

impurities, traces of skin infections such as acne and skin quality.

The analysis compares the properties of the skin in relation to age and skin type.

Visia skin analysis provides individual and reliable information for home care,

for planning Klinik Linnea's services,

as well as a monitoring the skin care results.

The Visia skin analysis also tells you what will happen in the coming years

expected if the aging processes are not interfered. Visia detects

skin damage and aging changes already years before they are visible on the skin. When you know what kind of changes are coming to your skin, we can

also find out the best treatment methods to prevent these changes.

What does the Visia skin analysis include?

The Visia skin analysis includes an appointment with a nurse/cosmetologist

in the clinic (60 min), skin imaging with the VISIA skin analysis device,

treatment plan for Klinik Linnea clinic treatments, home care

advice and product recommendations for your skin type.

Visia skin analysis is performed on clean, makeup-free skin. So come to the

Visia skin analysis without makeup! Visia skin analysis is also easy to book

as an additional service in connection with the skin care service.

Watch the video from Visia by clicking from here!

IMG_2048 3.JPG

- Visia Skin analysis 60 min/€80

- Visia Skin analysis in connection with the treatment 45 min/€20

- When product purchases exceed €500 Visia Skin analysis free of charge

- Visia Skin analysis 60 min = My Klinik Linnea 1000 points

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