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ZO® Professional Treatments

Is your goal to pay even more attention to skin health? Do you have visible aging changes in your skin or dry and sensitive skin? Do you struggle with oily skin or do you have impurities on your skin? Do you have visible pigmentation on your skin? Or is your goal to maintain healthy skin with effective clinic-level treatments?  


What is the treatment?

 ZO ® offers several different Professional Treatment treatment programs designed to treat different skin problems in a targeted manner: aging skin, dry and dehydrated skin, oily, impure skin and pimple-prone skin, sensitive skin and pigmentation- problems. Treatments are performed by Klinik Linnea skin care professionals.  

What kind of ZO ® Professional Treatment 

are there treatment programs? 

Stimulator Peel 

The Stimulator Peel treatment is particularly suitable for rough and cloudy skin. The treatment contains a unique combination of exfoliating ingredients that renew and revitalize the skin. The treatment does not require recovery time, so it gives effective results quickly.  

Suitable for: All skin types. 

Treatment duration 45 min. 

Best results: Once a week for a month 

Maintenance: every 4-6 weeks 


Ultra Hydration 

Ultra Hydration has been developed especially for dry and dehydrated skin. The treatment moisturizes and has a calming, cooling and soothing effect on irritation. 

Suitable for: Dry, dehydrated and weakened skin 

Treatment duration: 60min 

Best results: 1-4 times a month 

Maintenance: every 4-6 weeks 


Skin Brightening 

Skin Brightening treats problems related to pigmentation, lightens dark spots and evens out uneven skin tone.  

Suitable for: Hyperpigmentation 

Duration: 70min 

Best result: Once a week for a month 

Maintenance: every 4-6 weeks 


Acne + Oil control 

Blemish + Oil Control treats impure skin and prevents pimples. 

Suitable for: Oily and impure skin, acne, rosacea 

Treatment duration: 70min 

Best result: Once a week for a month 

Maintenance: every 4-6 weeks 

What is included in the treatment?

Each treatment includes the following steps: cleansing, exfoliation, skin activation, ZO® prep + Peel & neutralization, massage & mask (not forgetting the Stimulator peel), renew & repair – part, moisturizing and soothing, and skin protection. You get to complete the treatment package with a calming and restorative moment at Klinik Linnea.  

The substances used in the treatment vary according to the treatment program.  

What kind of results ZO® Professionals Treatment can achieve? 

Our advanced ZO ® clinic level treatments give you immediate results.

The treatments performed at the clinic also support your individual ZO ® Skin Health skin care plan.

Who is the treatment intended for?

ZO® Professionals Treatments are suitable for everyone who wants effective skincare results and solutions for various skin challenges. Do you want to get to know ZO® quality skin care products better? You get one step closer to the successful, high-quality and researched ZO® Skin Health medical skin care series with this effective treatment set.

Are there any restrictions associated with the treatment?

The treatment is not performed if you have active cold sores, Accutane/Roaccutane or a similar drug course. The treatment is not performed if your skin is burnt/frostbitten at the time of the treatment. If you have any questions on the page about the suitability of the treatment for you, you can contact Klinik Linnea staff directly. 

Healing time

There is no actual healing time in the treatment, so you can come to ZO® Professionals Treatment treatment programs even in the midst of your busy everyday life. When doing chemical peels, Klinik Linnea recommends preparing for light redness after the treatment.

Maintenance of results

Klinik Linnea emphasizes regularity in skin care for optimal treatment results. Treatment results are maintained every 4-6 weeks. Remember to also take care of your skin with high-quality ZO® Skin Health home care products. Home care further improves treatment results and maintains them.

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